Ivor Tomasevich

Registered Psychotherapist PBANZ, M.Sc. Psychology, P.G. Diploma Integrative Gestalt Psychotherapy


My specialty is working with adults who may find themselves in a difficult personal situation and under stress, such as:
• Relationship difficulties with family (partners, children, parents), or at the workplace (colleagues, managers, employees, etc.)
• Feeling at unease or anxious or upset in certain situations, or generally
• Feeling "down" and unmotivated a lot of the time
• Being diagnosed by a doctor as suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Adjustment Disorder, and other Mental Health issues

Adults can often feel that they know what the problem is but may be struggling to work the way out of it. Person’s thoughts about his or her situation/problem may be "foggy" or there may be conflicting thoughts and feelings.

Clients often come to counseling with the intention to "talk through" their options and "bounce back" their ideas. The consultations are tailored to the individual's needs and their presenting problem.

Younger adults may be unsure about their studies, employment, career choices, their intimate relationships, living arrangements, relationship with the parents and/or siblings, etc. The consultations are aimed at helping the young person better understand their own unique character and personality and make the choices that are congruent with those.

Couples sometimes come to a point where they may feel stuck and unhappy in their relationship (or any particular part of it) and unable to move forward. They may feel caught in a pattern of mutual blame for their difficulties that can be quite exhausting and ultimately unproductive. Through the consultations, such couples can expect to gain better deeper understanding about what may be keeping them in an unsatisfactory position and how they can start to relate to each other in a way that promotes both individuals' happiness.

Immigrants including those from an English speaking background can find it a challenge to bridge the differences in lifestyle and attitudes-to-life between their former and their new place of residence. I find this can also be true for people relocating within the New Zealand, especially when individuals get separated from their family. The issues of "fitting in" can have a strong negative impact on life satisfaction. Consultation work is focused on finding ways to retain and express one's positive values and views on life from the place/culture of origin while allowing the integration of new values and views, with the goal of having a more fulfilled everyday life.


Funding options may be available. Please contact me for current details.

Phone: 021 070 2940